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The Chilly's x RÆBURN collaboration was born out of a shared vision between two London-based brands. Both brands are rooted in innovation, intelligent design and responsibility. A pioneer in the fashion industry, RÆBURN focuses on reworking surplus fabrics and garments to create distinctive and functional pieces.

Together, utilising our specialities, we have designed two multi-purpose bags and a limited edition Series 2 bottle. Crafted from upcycled materials including Nylon offcuts from our Series 2 Flip carry loop and repurposed tents. Each bag can house our 500ml and 1L Series 2 bottles on the go, coming complete with a packaway bag for additional storage. The collaboration offers two unique bottle bags, each crafted from repurposed materials.

Product Features

The Chilly’s x RÆBURN bottle bag has been created using repurposed waterproof Nylon offcuts from the Series 2 Flip carry loop and recycled polyester.

The limited edition RÆMADE bottle bag has been entirely engineered from repurposed tents, crafted at the RÆBURN Lab in Hackney, London.



Every decision RÆMADE makes as a business is underpinned by the 4 R’s; RÆMADE, RÆDUCED, RÆCYCLED and RÆBURN.

RÆMADE Paramount to the RÆBURN philosophy since 2001 is RÆMADE — reworking surplus materials, products and artefacts into completely new designs.

RÆDUCED Designs developed at the RÆBURN Lab are considered for their impact on the environment. Whether reworking surplus materials, minimising carbon footprint with local manufacturing, or simply producing smaller batches, waste can be RÆDUCED.

RÆCYCLED Seeking the most sustainable materials around the globe, and working with responsible manufacturing partners is key to the RÆBURN brand. RÆCYCLING pre-existing materials and harnessing green technologies is fundamental to our production process.

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