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17 Feb 2023
How To Make The Best Coffee At Home

Love to kick start your day with a fresh morning brew? Maybe you’re a traditional tea drinker or you prefer to “get caffeinated” with a flat white or an oat milk cappuccino. Today we’re putting together our definitive guide on how to make the perfect coffee to go.

A definitive guide to making the best coffee at home

As the coffee aficionados among you will know, there are a number of brewing techniques you can choose when preparing the perfect cup of coffee. Each results in a different tasting experience. Connoisseurs of coffee will refer to the aroma and bouquet, acidity, body and sensation in the mouth.

The beauty of using one of our reusable coffee cups, is that once you’ve prepared your brew your coffee can be savoured (at the ideal drinking temperature) for up to 4-hours without tainting or souring the flavour. That’s because we’ve engineered our cups using premium, high-quality thermal-insulated materials to preserve freshness and retain heat without burning your hands.

Cradling your cup on that busy morning commute is challenging enough. And isn’t great coffee deserving of an equally rewarding drinking experience? We think so.


Craving Cafe Style Coffee At Home?

If you want to prepare Barista standard coffee at home then you’ll require a good grinder and some kind of coffee filter.

Regardless of the home brewing coffee equipment you choose, there’s just something so satisfyingly flavoursome about freshly grinding whole beans. It’s almost ritualistic and it definitely produces the best results. Not to mention the wonderful aroma percolating through your home.

We could do a whole Journal piece about varieties of coffee beans. There’s been an explosion of specialty independent roasteries popping up all over the place recently and they’re perfect for use with a Chilly’s reusable coffee filter.

Whether you prefer the chocolatey feel and nutty undertones of a Brazilian brew or a big, bold and fruity Ethiopian bean, sampling different coffee profiles and experimenting with grind textures is part of the adventure.

Did you know that we also have a reusable coffee filter?

Forget about the waste of traditional paper filters or the expense of a machine.

Chilly’s reusable coffee filter is perfect for enjoying barista approved coffee at home. Designed to deliver the perfect pour. Engineered from stainless steel to be durable and sustainable, it’s designed to fit your favourite Chilly’s coffee cup (or mug).

Minimal mess. Maximum flavour. Just rinse and reuse.

More of a tea drinker?

Why not switch to a loose leaf blend and use our reusable home strainer?

Did you know that most popular tea bag varieties contain microscopic plastic particles? By switching to a Chilly’s reusable cup and strainer you can enjoy a brew that’s better for you. Better for the planet too.


Coffee Cup Edit

How will you espresso yourself?

Our reusable cups come in 2 sizes and characterful designs, including unique patterned editions like our Emma Bridgewater coffee cups which are giving us all the early Spring feels.

They’re the perfect companion for your coffee and commute and a welcome reminder that brighter days (and better tasting coffee) are on their way.

Check out the collection.


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