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26 Apr 2023
Chilly’s Top Reusables For 2023

First up, welcome to 2023. We hope you enjoy the ride. If you’re like us lot at Chilly’s HQ, you’re probably sitting down right now to thrash out your New Year’s resolutions. We’re hoping a commitment to reducing single use plastic tops your list.

Maybe you’re a thrill seeker and have decided to take up a new extreme sport (base jumping anyone?), you’re chasing a new deadlift PB down the gym or you’ve decided it’s time to learn a new lingo. Why not commit to making a A Resolution Less Rubbish this year?

What better way to motivate you when the going gets tough (which, by the way, experts reckon is about the 19th January, referred to as Quitter’s Day by Strava ) than with a piece of new gear? Specifically designed to support your rehydration goals.

Whether or not you’re participating in Dry January, topping up your H2O has to be a priority wellbeing goal, right? We like to think of it as sustainable sipping.

We’ll be chatting about setting realistic resolutions later in January’s Journal. But today, we wanted to introduce you to our Chilly’s New Year’s Edit.

Chilly’s Top Reusables For 2023
These are our recommended ride or die reusables. The ones that will reliably stand by your side whatever 2023 throws your way.

Original Sports

Ready to press the reset button and kickstart your January fitness goals? Then you need an OG Sports bottle to level up your fit kit.

With an easy pop top for active hydration on the go, a Chilly’s sports bottle is like your gym spotter. On hand to help you do the heavy “rehydration” lifting.

Keeping contents 24 hours cold and 12 hours hot, it’s leaf proof and condensation free. You might be busy working up a sweat, but your reusable sports bottle won't.


Series 2 Studio Collection

With 34 solid colour options to choose from and a collection of seriously stylish new graphic designs like the Nine Lives from our Studio Collection, you’ll have a harder time deciding which Chilly’s reusable to choose than you will sticking to your resolutions.

Featuring antimicrobial surfaces to reduce microbes by 99.99%, pristine drinking surfaces and a 100% leak proof seal lid, wherever your next 24-hours takes you, your bottle will go too. Reusables don't come more reliable than this. We also re-engineered it to be oh so satisfyingly silent. Subtle you might say? But it’s all in the details.


Original Florals & Tropicals

January can be grim. Getting out of bed when the days are dark and dreary might feel like an achievement. It is by the way! High five to you. So if your spirits are waning, along with your resolve, it’s time to inject some vibrancy into your life and deliver a more dynamic (and joyous) drinking experience.

With a series of intricate designs, featuring floral tributes and exotic animals, enjoy 24 hours cold water wherever you go, jungles and rainforests included, when you pick out a Floral or Tropical design to brighten up a dull January day.


We could go on but hopefully this gives you a bit of the Chilly’s flavour. Don’t forget to tag us in your socials showcasing your new Chilly’s water bottle. We’d love to know how you #reuseyours #ChillysEverywhere

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