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White Water Bottles

Insulated water bottles that keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 6.
Choose between classic plain styles or fun patterns.

Original Bottles in White

Series 2 White Bottles

Practical, reusable, and packed with technology to enhance today's fast-paced, dynamic lifestyles, our purple water bottles combine functionality and human-centred design.
With high-performance technology and the same eco-friendly benefits of a traditional reusable flask, our purple drinks bottles invite personality with their smooth, seamless designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size Chilly’s water bottle is best?
The size of our water bottles vary from 260ml all the way up to 1.8 litres, and there are benefits to them all. If portability is key as you hop from work to the gym to your next social activity, then a smaller bottle that can be refilled throughout the day may be best suited to you. If you value not refilling your bottle throughout the day, then a large 1.8l bottle is going to fit into your life better.

How long do Chilly's bottles keep water fresh?
Chilly's water bottles are crafted with performance in mind, and all the black bottles you see here will keep your drinks cool for 24 hours. If you’re looking for something to warm up your liquids, our hot drinks range of cups keep your warm drinks heated for 12 hours.

How often should you wash our reusable bottles?
We advise to wash your Chilly's water bottle each time you’ve finished using it. For best results using hot, soapy water. You can add bicarbonate soda for a more thorough cleanse.

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