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No - The Series 2 Coffee cups are not suitable for cleaning in dishwashers. We recommend cleaning all parts of your coffee cup after each use with hot soapy water, please do not leave the coffee cup to soak for a long period of time as this can cause paint damage and can lead to the vacuum becoming ineffective.

For a very thorough clean please use bicarbonate soda. Whilst Chilly's Coffee Cups are made of high-grade stainless steel which preserves the flavour and freshness of your drinks, if they are not cleaned regularly it can lead to a smell or taste developing.

We also sell Chilly's Cleaning brushes on our website which are great for cleaning both the Bottles and Coffee Cups.

Please see below for all our Chilly's Series 2 Coffee Cup dimensions:

340ml – 7.75cm wide and 14.45cm tall. The weight of this cup is 257g.
500ml – 7.75cm wide and 19.3cm tall. The weight of this cup is 333g.

Chilly's Series 2 Coffee Cups have an innovative new twist mechanism that creates a very tight seal. Whilst they are very good at preventing leaks, we cannot guarantee they are fully leakproof at very high temperatures or if they are fully inverted or shaken.

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