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For Chilly’s, materials encompass everything our products are made from and the packaging they are shipped in. Our ambition is for our packaging to protect our products so they are delivered into our customers hands in a good condition, while also minimising the resources used to create it. Chilly’s designs its products to be durable and quality materials are crucial in achieving this.

Product materials

Using quality materials that stand the test of time is a core aim of Chilly’s. As we’ve grown, we’ve explored more responsibly sourced materials, with the same quality we are known for. Our ambition is to continually search for and source the best materials we can.

We are excited for new products launching in early 2024 made almost entirely of recycled materials – watch this space!

Throughout 2023/24 we will be developing clear material guidance through our responsible sourcing guidelines, which will be used to identify preferred material types. Our ambition is to source 100% of materials for our products aligning to this guide by 2024.

Chilly’s is also on the path to launch products made from 90% recycled stainless steel. To ensure quality, we are testing this. Our ambition is to create all newly designed products using this recycled steel from 2024.

Packaging materials

In 2022, Chilly’s undertook stakeholder research into its packaging, with the ambition to reduce our packaging use, while keeping the luxury experience our products have now.

Chilly’s has also been measuring its packaging use to identify areas where we have the opportunity to make changes which can have a big impact. One example of this is that in 2023, we will be adding additional sizes of customer shipping boxes to our range. These have been determined by analysing our most common order types and establishing a smaller shipping box that could accommodate them. Using packaging data we’ve collected, we have been able to identify where we can effectively create packaging savings and determine the best route to achieve this.

We are continuing to focus our efforts on reduction of packaging, and by the end of 2023, we will have established a measurable target for packaging reduction.

Our commitments:

• Create all newly designed products using this recycled steel from 2024.
• 100% of materials for products sourced adhere to our responsible sourcing guidelines by end of 2024.
• Reduce packaging and establish a measurable target by end of 2023.

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