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23. sij 2023.
Why switching to Chilly’s is a lifestyle revolution, not just a New Year’s resolution

Hey Chilly’s people! How you doing with those New Year's resolutions? Still living the single use plastic free life? Don’t worry if you are struggling to stick to your goals. One thing you can rely on is that your Chilly’s reusable will keep contents hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. With double walled insulation across our range, you can enjoy your favourite drink any time, any place and yes, any where.

Chilly’s is a refillable lifestyle revolution, not just any old New Year’s resolution. Why give up coffee? Why not resolve instead to give up bad tasting coffee? With Chilly’s taint free technology, you can preserve the taste and savour the flavour of your favourite hot drink at the perfect temperature for you.

Firstly, if you’re new to Chilly's, a big hello and a happy new year to you. We thought a good introduction would be to provide you with a quick rundown on why Chilly’s is so much more than your average reusable bottle. You’ve already made a great choice.

Top 5 reasons why Chilly’s is the only reusable you’ll ever need in 2023.

1) Experience
Let’s start with the unparalleled drinking (and eating) experience our products deliver. Our OG bottles keep your drinks ice cold for 24 hours and piping hot for 12 hours. So wherever your 24 hours takes you, you can enjoy ice cold water on demand, perfect for helping you stay on top of your January hydration goals.

2) Portability
We're talking about portability next. Perfectly proportioned for commuting, hiking and biking, there are 3 sizes to choose from so you can maximise or minimise your rehydration goals home and away. Chilly’s bottle carabiners can also be attached to the necks of our 260 ml and 500 ml bottles for the ultimate easy go carry.

3) Leakproof
It’s an important consideration if you enjoy an active lifestyle . Nobody wants a Sports bottle in their gym bag that spills and leaks all over that newly purchased sports gear. Wet workout clothes are not a good look. Our bottles are fitted with 100% leakproof airtight screw top lids to prevent soaked bags from accidental spills, meaning the contents of your gym bag are more secure than ever before.

4) Personalised
You can make it personal. Put your name on it. Or a motivational motto that will inspire you to stay on track of those 2023 goals. Then customise various elements of your refillable, including interchangeable bottle loops, collars and even coffee cup lids. Our bottles, cups and pots are as unique as you. They’re pretty stylish too.

5) Sustainability
We’re guessing if you’re here then living an eco-friendly life is important to you. We’re not claiming that we’re saving the planet, one bottle at a time. But together we do believe that we can help accelerate not just the adoption but also the everyday use of reusable products for eating and drinking.

Isn’t it time you switched to a Chilly’s reusable and embraced a more sustainable and refillable life? Now that’s what we like to call a New Year's Resolution Less Rubbish.


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