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2023. ápr. 11.
Chilly’s & Refill: a partnership working to turn the tide on plastic pollution

The Refill campaigns mission is to tackle plastic pollution at source, something Chilly’s is also passionate about. The partnership between Refill and Chilly’s started back in 2018 with this aligned goal. Our Refill Revolution focuses on the prevention of single-use plastic items through upstream solutions, long-lasting behaviour change and practical solutions.

A Refill Revolution, powered by Chilly’s

Chilly’s and the team behind the Refill campaign at City to Sea, believe that to truly tackle the plastic crisis, we need to turn off the tap and stop plastic at its source. The partnership focuses on plastic prevention so our beaches won't need to be cleaned in the future.

Since the launch of our partnership in 2018, Chilly’s have donated nearly £700,000, enabling City to Sea to grow the Refill campaign from a small pilot in Bristol to the movement it is today – live in 7 countries around the world today.

The campaign has evolved and has these areas at its core:

Empowering community action

Refill provides individuals, community groups, local authorities and governments the tools they need to create lasting change in their community. Through a network of more than 400+ local community and council-led schemes, Refill is helping people to take action where they live.

Across the UK, these groups have run local media campaigns, installed new public water fountains, signed up businesses to allow water refills in stores and helped them find ways to reduce waste and even organising public art installations and education projects.

Driving behaviour change

Through improving awareness and accessibility, Refill is designed to create long lasting behaviour change by providing practical solutions to the barriers we encounter when trying to reduce single-use plastic.

Initiatives such as World Refill Day, City to Sea’s global public awareness campaign, champions refill and reuse. Hosted annually, its on June 16th this year - follow @RefillHQ for updates.

The App

Designed to sign post you to a global network of places to refill when out and about – the Refill app is free to download.

With more than 300,000 Refill Stations listed, it helps access water refills globally on the go. There have been almost half a million app downloads and 100 million pieces of plastic avoided to date!



City to Sea also undertake public research to understand changing perceptions around single-use.

We’re excited to see results of its research showing that people’s behaviour really is changing as a result of the Refill campaign – 86% of Brits surveyed say they are more likely to carry a reusable water bottle and refill on the go as a direct result of knowing about the Refill campaign and app.

The number of people who normally drink tap water on-the-go has increased from 1 in every 5 people to 1 in every 2 people in the last five years.


Get Involved

Inspired to take action? Find your nearest Refill Scheme

You can also donate directly through Refill’s website, or by purchasing a Chilly’s X Refill bottle

£10 from every Refill X Chilly’s product sold is donated to Refill to power the campaign.

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