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Series 2

This is not a redesign. It’s an evolution.

Designed for Drinking

Carry Loop

Every part has its purpose. The customisable Carry Loop is no exception.

Enhanced Drinking Experience

The antimicrobial drinking collar is soft to the touch, and perfectly shaped for sipping.

100% Leak-Proof

Go about your day safe in the knowledge that your bottle is uncompromisingly leak-proof.

Solidly Secure

We’ve considered every detail. Our coffee cup’s rotating lock mechanism makes on-the-go sipping simple.

Goodbye Lines

It’s the little things that count. We’ve eliminated lines to create an uninterrupted, seamless design that flows.

Rubber Base

We wanted it to be silent, so we added a soft rubber base that makes a subtle, but satisfying, difference.

Advanced antimicrobial technology for ultimate hygiene

Antimicrobial Technology

The drinking surfaces on all our Series 2 products contain an antimicrobial additive that reduces microbes by up to 99.99%. Read more about the science behind it here.

Explore over 1000 c o l o u r combinations

Our bottles are still
24 hours Cold.
12 hours Hot.

Keep it Hot

Keep your tea or coffee hot for up to 4 hours. Perfect for those winter walks and cold morning commutes. Careful - Chilly’s works a little too well!


Regardless of the outside temperature, our advanced double-walled vacuum insulation makes warm water a thing of the past.

Double walled

Our double-walled technology allows you to keep your coffee, cocoa or chamomile tea hot without having to worry about burning your hands.

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