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Our Values

As part of our comprehensive approach to sustainability, we are holding ourselves accountable to practise business in a responsible manner. This is a core value of Chilly’s, which encompasses topics such as ethical business practices, our B Corp certification, how we communicate and our charity partnership.

As we grow, we will keep developing our ethical business policies and standards.

Our ambition is to publish an annual Responsibility Report which outlines how we have developed in not just this area but the other areas of our Responsibility Strategy.

B Corp

Over the last two years, Chilly’s has been working to become a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised for our efforts and to become part of a global movement that’s affecting real change.

Chilly’s being Certified B Corp means that we are joining a select group of global businesses who have made a commitment to stakeholder governance and have been verified as meeting B Lab’s high standards for social and environmental impact through transparency and accountability.

It captures a wide range of sustainability related topics, including: product footprints; workers’ rights; employee wellbeing; community benefits; and governance structures. This provides B Lab with a clear understanding of all the work we are doing to have a positive impact and to minimise any negative impact.

We are committed to continuous improvement – something that the B Corp movement encourages too.

Find out more about B Corp here.

Transparent communication & limitations

We not only want to tell our community about the positive work we are doing, but also to hold ourselves accountable. This is why we are working to share not only our wins, but also our limitations with you – from targets we’re struggling to meet, or reasons why we have chosen one route over another and how we are continually working to improve. We are not perfect, but then no one is, and we are working to be as responsible as we can be. We’ll be telling our story along the journey.


Chilly's will not intentionally co-brand* its products with businesses who's direct business operations are deemed high impact. The list currently includes, but is not limited to, Oil, Gas, Tobacco and Mining industries. This list will be subject to addition in the future and Chilly's has the right to choose not to co-brand its products with any business.
*Co-brand is the customisation of products for a company or group with their logo or specific design.

Charity Partnership

Since 2019, Chilly's has been partnered with City to Sea, whose Refill campaign mission is to tackle plastic pollution at source, something Chilly’s is also passionate about. The focus is on prevention of single-use plastic items through upstream solutions, long-lasting behaviour change and practical solutions - such as implementation of refill fountains available to the public on the go. Since the launch of our partnership, Chilly’s has donated nearly £700,000, enabling City to Sea to grow the Refill campaign from a small pilot in Bristol to the movement it is today – live in 7 countries around the world.

Find out more here about our partnership with City To Sea and Refill

Our commitments:

• Donate at least £100,000 to City to Sea in 2023
• Publish a sustainability report on an annual basis - June 2024

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