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Refill Community Stories - Cardiff

Introducing… Refill Mermaid Quay

Mermaid Quay, a waterfront destination of shops, bars and restaurants in the heart of Cardiff Bay, joined Refill in 2019. Since then, the Refill campaign and message has proudly been shared with their community.

Local impact – prevention of single-use plastic waste

Improving sustainability has long been a big priority at Mermaid Quay, and joining the Refill campaign has played an important part in helping them achieve this. Visitors to Mermaid Quay can refill their water bottle for free at 10 locations – with more to be added soon - helping to reduce the amount of litter in the local area and prevent plastic pollution at source.

Meet Becky from Refill Mermaid Quay and find out how they’re powering the Refill Revolution in Cardiff Bay:

Education is key – inspiring other to drive change

“Education at all ages is key to help us truly tackle the plastic crisis. You don’t have to be perfect to make a difference. If everyone made small changes that they could stick to, this would have a really positive and long lasting impact.” – Becky, Refill Mermaid Quay.

“It’s great to see how Mermaid Quay has not only taken action to prevent plastic pollution directly related to it, but it has also worked with a local school to install fountains and provide reusable bottles to children. Chilly’s is proud to be able to support schemes like this through our partnership with Refill”. – Chilly’s Team.

Chilly’s & Refill are working together to spread the Refill Revolution across the UK, providing communities, individuals, groups, and local authorities, with the tools they need to create lasting change in their community.

Chilly’s has been working with Refill since 2018, and by 2022 had donated nearly £700,000 to support Refill in achieving its work. Some of this funding has been used to support the 400-strong network of local community and council-led Refill Schemes, helping hundreds of thousands of people to take action where they live.

This series celebrates some of the incredible Refill community programmes out there on the ground, helping to turn the tide on plastic pollution. These are our Refill Heroes.

Get Involved:

Find a Refill Scheme near you –
Refill Schemes| Refill| find a scheme and Join the Refill Revolution.

Download the Refill app here

Find out more about Mermaid Quay:

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