Born and raised in Australia, Claudia loves sea swimming, hiking in the rainforest and watching Bob Ross videos. But what draws her to the landscapes she paints, and have mountains always been her muse?

We’re loving your colour palette. What’s the inspiration behind it?

I think it’s inadvertently influenced by the Australian landscape — from those dusty hues of the outback to the vibrant blues of the ocean. I’m always drawn to those natural colours because they make me feel calm and present.

There’s no denying it — you’re a mountain lover. What draws you to them?

The fact that these monolithic structures are so varied and are naturally formed is astounding to me. It’s so interesting to explore what makes them distinct from each other and how they can define a certain landscape/area. From ‘Rainbow Mountain’ in Peru to ‘The Pitons’ in Saint Lucia to ‘Mount Fuji’ in Japan — they have those distinct characteristics that make them instantly recognisable… how amazing! Also, I’m sure anyone who has hiked up a mountain will understand how great that feeling is when you reach an outlook from a mountain that allows you to see the world from a different perspective.

We’ve heard on the grapevine that you’ve always wanted to be an artist — were mountains your muse when you were little?

I think so, and I think nature in general was too. There are so many random scribbles of plants, flowers and animals tucked away at my mum’s house. I was lucky enough to grow up in a small beach town surrounded by national parklands, so as kids we were out exploring a lot.

How do you achieve such detailed lines in your hand-painted work? Ever get the shakes?!

I’ve been drawing/painting since I was three, so there’s 25 years of practice under my belt! It’s always helpful to know how the paint behaves, to have steady breathing and be patient with yourself.

For all the aspiring artists out there, what one piece of advice do you wish you’d been given when you started out?

Create work that makes you feel happy, or whatever emotion you want to reach with it. Yes, there are trends in art and design, and it’s important to be aware of them, but it’s so transparent when you’re fully catering to them to get ‘big’. The passion in your own work and subject matter is what draws people in the most.

Midmorning Mountains & Peace Plant
Midmorning Mountains & Peace Plant

Midmorning Mountains & Peace Plant

‘Midmorning Mountains’ is an ode to those morning hikes where the sun is rising, the birds are singing and the mountains are still misty. ‘Peace Plant’ is inspired by the warm, comforting colours of Autumn.


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Artist Series Midmorning Mountains

By Maus Haus


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