At Chilly’s we strive to create a culture of inclusion and belonging, underpinned through ongoing education and internal campaigns. Our People Team run DE&I educational weeks, wellbeing months, think tanks to ensure that our people's voices are heard, sentiment and engagement surveys and quarterly team building. We also have several mental health first aiders in the business.

At Chilly’s we strive to create a culture of inclusion and belonging, underpinned through ongoing education and internal activations. Our People Team run Diversity, Equality & Inclusion educational weeks, wellbeing months, several mental health first aiders, think tanks, sentiment and engagement surveys and quarterly team building.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

Chilly’s ambition when it comes to its employees and workplace is to create a culture of inclusion and belonging. This underpins everything the People Team do at Chilly’s. Education is a key element of this, covering topics from Neurodiversity to LGBTQI+ topics. Chilly’s undertakes a survey every year to understand the diversity of its workforce, as well as to understand if people feel like they belong and have equal opportunities.

Our commitments:

• Provide training for every employee DE&I related topics at least once every 6 months
• Hiring process we strive to achieve:
• Creating a diverse candidate pool
• Being conscious of our own bias in decisions
• Making hiring decisions that are based on objective and job-related criteria; we will do our absolute best to learn about and be conscious of our biases so we can remove them from our decisions as best we can
• Having a similar hiring process across all roles
• Sharing interview feedback respectfully and asking the same semi-structured questions to assess all candidates equally and further reduce risk of bias
• Never asking for information that we don’t need to know


The ambition of the People Team is to hardwire wellbeing into frameworks and activities. For us, this means considering the wellbeing of employees at every stage of employment. From starting at Chilly’s, the duration of working here and when people leave. Chilly’s often runs wellbeing months or programmes which inspire the team to get active or embed wellness activities into their daily routine.

Chilly’s also undertakes a survey twice a year to measure the sentiment, wellbeing and overall attitude of employees. This touches on work, but also life outside the workplace, to get an overview of how its employees are feeling. From this, the People Team are able to focus efforts to address specific areas in the following year to enhance employee wellbeing and engagement.

Our commitments:

• Gather data on employee sentiment and attitudes every 6 months and use this data to highlight areas of improvement and produce an action plan
• Educate employees on wellbeing at least once every 12 months
• Ensure we always have, or are training, at least 2 mental health first aiders within the organisation
• Uphold and publish policies, making them accessible to all employees, that promote wellbeing and practices which are inclusive, progressive and follow fair equitable practices. Example of some policies:
• Supportive Family Leave Policies
• Flexible Working Policies
• Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Employment Practices

Chilly’s ambition is to create a workplace which not only does no harm, but provides a positive place where people flourish; an ambition which it has been on a journey towards since the start. We use a comprehensive career progression framework and quarterly development reviews, with the aim of providing clear development pathways for our employees, giving them the tools to grow.

Chilly’s also operates with open communication through its senior management to all of its employees. Through weekly all team company calls and quarterly strategy days, Chilly’s shares updates and key business changes with the team, providing internal transparency.

Our commitments:

• Every employee has a development review at least 3 times a year, where clear objectives are set for development
• Ensure every employee has at least one sustainability work related target within their objectives set in their development review
• Provide people management focused training at least once every 12 months to our employees who manage people


At Chilly’s, People also includes our wider community - everyone from our customers, audience online and those local to where we operate. We want to ensure that we are having a positive impact on these communities, and empower them to drive change too. More to come on this soon.

This is an area we are striving to enhance, activating our communities to take action. Currently, our focus has been supporting our charity partner, City to Sea, with their Refill campaign. One aspect of this is to engage and provide support to community groups, from local people to businesses and councils, to tackle single-use plastic in their area. Chilly’s and City to Sea have created a Refill Heroes series, which you can find here, which highlights the amazing work these groups are doing with the support from the Refill campaign.

Also find out more about how we work with City to Sea here.

For World Refill Day 2022, Chilly’s launched a campaign calling for three big single-use plastic polluters to consider what they were doing and to divert away from their reliance on plastic. Chilly’s ambition was to raise awareness of the issue, along with inviting them to collaborate to make change. Our ambition is to continue to drive raising awareness of these issues. We look forward to sharing more with our community soon.

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