Chilly's: What was the inspiration behind your bottles?

Alternative Aesthetics: I can probably trace it waaaaay back to Wednesday Addams drinking poison in Addams Family Values as it's been firmly rooted in my head ever since I saw it. Plus, skulls are cool and the only thing better than a skull is lots of skulls.

C: Can you tell us a bit about your typical creative process?

AA: Usually, my process starts with a vague idea / random thought or phrase that gets scribbled down in a notebook so I don't forget it. I'll let it float around in my brain for a bit so it can evolve and explore weird tangents. Once something clicks in my mind that I think could work well, I'll sketch it out roughly... and I mean REALLY roughly! At this point I'll crack out the Cintiq and draw it up digitally, refining the idea a little more as I go until it feels right. Then it gets released into the world.

C: Could you tell us a little about your background and how you ended up doing what you do? Is this your dream job or was it an unexpected turn of events?

AA: It all began in the summer of '86 when I was born. Growing up, I was fascinated by absolutely everything and combined with the amazing cartoons, movies and video games of the 80's and 90's, my destiny to do something creative was set in stone. After completing an art degree many years later, I managed to land a design job that gave me loads of experience working with exciting clients and I eventually made the move to become a freelance illustrator. This is definitely a dream job for me so I hope that I can keep doing it for the rest of my life!

Osseous Horde
Osseous Horde

Osseous Horde

Skulls, skulls, skulls... oh and a few more skulls for good measure. The horde will keep you hydrated!

Matte All Blue

With matching lid.

Our Matt range is loved for its rich, earthy tones and smooth-to-the-touch finish. Each of the seven shades celebrates depth of colour and tone, bringing you superior ice-cold hydration, wherever your day takes you.

Stainless Steel

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