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About Michela Picchi

About Michela Picchi

Chilly's: Could you tell us a little about your background and how you ended up doing what you do? Is this your dream job or was it an unexpected turn of events?

Michela: Since I was a young girl I’ve always been interested in a lot of different things. After my first BA in Law and Economic Studies, I tried to focus all my energy into something that I could identify as really ‘me’; and I undertook the second path in my life. The first choice never excluded the second because, while I was analyzing the markets, I was also feeding my eyes with different visual inputs—art blogs, exhibitions, and already producing my own art.
I do believe that it’s never too late to change your trajectory to do something that fills your heart and makes you truly happy.

C: Can you tell us a bit about your typical creative process?

M: Usually it’s the music and what I read that inspires me. I go to the studio, dance and draw. When I am satisfied with a series or even a single drawing, I start the sketch on the canvas and paint it.

C: What’s been a highlight of your career so far?

M: Many projects and collaborations remain very important moments in my career, but the Art Residency in America was probably that moment that helped me understand the right direction to follow.

C: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to any aspiring creatives?

M: Trying not to be scared by the labels people put on you—being fluid between art and collaborations is the answer for me. Patience is a great virtue, don’t give up.

Psychedelic Dream
Psychedelic Dream

Psychedelic Dream

“I wanted to create something highly visual and impactful, very psychedelic. A return to the ‘67 Summer of Love.”

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