Lifelong friends, Célia Amroune and Aline Kpade, are two halves of Sacrée Frangine - the latest talent to join our Artist Series. They’ve created two new designs - Sweet Peaches and New Day - bringing their soulful, loving and optimistic style to our Original bottles. Scroll down to discover what inspires them, their love of freedom, and the secret to appreciating the little things in life.

“A vibrant visual artistic mess” – five words sum up Célia and Aline’s studio space. “With some wooden stools and dried flowers, 90s music in the background and always snacks or sweets nearby.” Nineties music? “Ashanti R&B vibe!” says Célia, while Aline goes in for her afrobeats playlist.

But despite the creative chaos, the duo summarises their artistic style in three serene words, “Slow, soft and warm”. It’s their colour palette that really sets the tone. “Our palette celebrates people. The starting point is very much inspired by skin tones - warm shades, browns, beiges and nudes.”

So, what inspires their distinctive style? “Everyday life is our main source of inspiration. People around us, especially women, connections, details. We marvel at the simplest things.”

They’ve been friends since childhood, but how long have they been creating? “We have always been drawn to art and design. We studied art and visual communication, and after a few years in design agencies we both wanted to create in a freer way.”

So what’s the best thing about breaking free? “Today we feel so lucky to create with our own artistic senses and style, to work on projects in total adequation with our ideas and desires, to explore different mediums and different subjects everyday. We cherish this freedom.”

And their proudest accomplishment? “Being where we are at this very moment. We are very grateful to be able to live from our art and to share this creative adventure together.”

There’s no doubt their approach to life is inspiring. Any advice? “We try to live what we call "La Douce Vie". For us it means to cherish and celebrate our daily simple life. We believe that all the little everyday things are worth appreciating.”

Before you go, how do you embrace a Reusable Way of Living? “We try step-by-step to live a more sustainable life: reduce our waste, use reusable alternatives as much as we can, recycle, donate unused items, buy Fairtrade products, and secondhand. Changing our lifestyle might seem like an overwhelming process, but some changes are pretty quick and painless to embrace.” We hear you!

Sweet Peaches & New Day
Sweet Peaches & New Day

Sweet Peaches & New Day

“Sweet Peaches is a fruity and sunny composition, with soft colours and pinky tones. A gentle reminder that summer is coming!”

“New Day is about love and support. This strong bond that can move mountains and fill hearts with light.”


We’ve worked with some incredible artists from all over the world, bringing you an eclectic range of designs that bring our bottles to life in unusual, and often surprising, ways. Check out our past and present creative collabs.

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By Reg Mombassa


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