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Refreshed Scheme

Refreshed Scheme

We want to recycle your old Chilly’s products

Chilly’s products are designed to last, but when they do come to the end of their life, we want to make sure that the valuable materials they are made from are recycled so they can be used again. 

Our take back scheme provides you with a free shipping label to send back any Chilly’s product that is no longer used so that we can recycle it.


LOG IT: To send us your Chilly’s bottle, coffee cup or food pot, please fill in the form below. You can send up to 10 bottles in one go. 

PACKAGE IT: Package up your old Chilly’s product/s in leftover packaging – we’d prefer it if you use paper or card based packaging so we can recycle it - but you can use anything from a plastic bag to a shoe box! 

SEND IT: You’ll have received a confirmation email where you can find your “Print your label at home” or go to an Evri drop off store with a printer with your “QR code”. Locate your nearest drop off location below.

Please note, this service is only for recycling products, not for returns. For returns, please see our FAQs below. This service is only available for UK customers and once products have been shipped, we are unable to return them to you. 


In June 2023, we ran a trial Trade In scheme where we took back bottles from any brand to recycle. As this was a trial, we ran it for a month to see how this could work longer term. We are reviewing how it went and will be sharing more soon.

Refreshed Scheme

Send us your old Chilly’s products to recycle for free. *Please note, this service is only available for UK customers.

Contact Information
What is the main material of the products you're sending us? Please note we do not accept products made from glass.
How many products are you sending? Please note: max parcel is 15kg and 45cm x 40cm x 50cm.


At the moment, we take back Chilly’s food pots, bottle, coffee cup and carabiners. Please note that we do not accept our glass bottle due to health and safety concerns.

We’re looking at expanding this, so if you have other products you wish to recycle from Chilly’s, please get in touch with our customer service team here.

Chilly’s wants to collect its old products and recycle them to ensure the valuable materials they are made from are used again.

To take part, follow these steps:
1- On this page, log the chilly’s products (bottle, coffee cup or food pot) that you want to recycle. You can send up to 10 bottles in one go*
2- Download the free shipping label or QR code
3- Wrap your bottle(s) in left over packaging – we’d prefer paper or card based packaging so we can recycle it but you can use anything from a plastic bag to a shoe box.
4- Print your label at home or go to an Evri drop off store with a printer with your QR code (this will print a shipping label once scanned in store). We’ve got a map on this page to help you locate your nearest store. If you’re using a QR code, make sure you select one with printing capabilities.

We’re working with a recycling partner in the UK to recycle the old reusable bottles so that their valuable materials can be used again. We’ve selected this recycler due to its environmental and social standards, so we could be sure that the bottles are being recycled in the right way. This is demonstrated by its certifications, including ISO 14001 for environmental management, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001 for health and safety. Once we’ve finished this trial, we’ll be working with them to understand what recycling rate was achieved and how we can improve the process to ensure as much material as possible is recycled.

In June 2023, we did a trial of recycling reusable bottles from any brand. The idea was to see what was possible, and to get as many people to take part as we could.

We had a brilliant response, so thank you to everyone who took part.

We are currently reviewing how the scheme went to see if we can run this again. Watch this space!

We are investigating how we can support customers from other locations to recycle their old Chilly’s products. However, at the moment, the impact of shipping your old product to the UK to recycle could outweigh the benefit of recycling it. We’ll update you if we expand out this service to other countries, but at the moment this is just available in the UK.

Chilly’s launched its Responsibility Strategy in 2023. One of the key pillars of this is circularity. We believe that it is our responsibility to take back our products and recycle them at the end of their lives, which is why we launched our Trade In in 20XX. To find out more about what we’re doing around circularity and responsibility here: https://www.chillys.com/uk/pages/responsibility



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